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Are we hiring?

Currently we are not hiring.

Do we offier discounts?

Yes. Are discounts are (proof required):

  • U.S. Military (Active/Veteran) get 10% off of labor.
  • Active College Students get 5% off of labor.
  • Active College Students and (Active/Veteran) get 15% off of labor.
  • Returning customers get 3% off of labor.

Do we offer referral bonuses?

Yes. Right now, we offer a web design referral bonus. So long as the customer pays in full and the project is completed, we will give the person who gave the referral to us a 5% referral bonus of the total cost billed to the customer. So if the customer was billed 1000 dollars for instance, the referral bonus would be $50.00 (USD) (1000 * .05).